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Simply the best! Quality, Durability, Style & Function

2 Different Whip models to choose from


  For 2019 we have our tried & true VooDoo Series lighted whip, we're bringing back our Vertigo Series lighted whip and introducing our new Dune Series day whips. 

 The VooDoo lighted whip is a LED wrapped fiberglass pole that has the best & brightest LED's on the market. They are available in a remote control option which you can select between 19 different colors or 20 different patterns. 

  The Vertigo lighted whip has the option of running 366 different running and chase patterns or select between 12 different colors all selectable by remote control. Pattern speeds and brightness are also adjustable.

 All our whips have our stylish hex shaped billet solid mount with built in quick release unless special ordered with the original style mounting spring.  

  The new Dune Series day whips are top notch, they come with our new hex shaped billet solid mount with built in quick release which is interchangeable with the VooDoo & Vertigo lighted whips and are available in 3/8" or 1/2" fiberglass pole. The 3/8" whips are available in colors Red,Green,Blue,Orange,White or Black and come in 6' lengths. The 1/2" whips will come in Black only and are available in limited quantities of 6' & 7' lengths. If you desire shorter whips, the day whips can easily be cut down with a hacksaw to your desired height.

Durable & Bright


Being life long off-road enthusiasts, we were tired of breaking other brand lighted whips so we decided to build our own. Back in early 2010 we revolutionized the whip market by bringing you the VooDoo Sick-Stick, spring mounted, color changing & remote controlled. Providing the ultimate light show & safety while riding at night. We offer quality & style like no other. Now the VooDoo lighted whip is available with our most popular, best in the business billet hex shaped solid mount with built in quick disconnect. Unlike most other quick disconnects out there, you never have to worry about losing a whip with ours.

New Dune Series Day Whips


We have a whip for everyone, wether its a lighted whip, day whip or both. Our new Dune whips have the same hex base as our solid mount VooDoo whips and our prior model Kozmo & Vertigo whips so they quickly swap from our day whip to lighted whip in a matter of seconds.

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